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Prepare for a retirement lifestyle you can look forward to, free of money worries.

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Research shows that the biggest concern those preparing to retire have is whether they’ll have enough money to stop working. I am a pension expert and highly experienced retirement planner. I will help you understand how to build a pension pot that can support the retirement lifestyle you aspire to, and which will ensure you live comfortably for as long as your retirement lasts.

Apprehensive / excited

What else is going to change in your life when work is no longer a feature? Will you be bored? Will you lose focus and motivation? Or will it be the most exhilarating and rewarding stage of your life so far…

filled with memory-making and transformative experiences. Making a plan for a long and prosperous retirement requires skilful pension planning and an experienced eye to keep your investments on track. But there is much more to retirement planning than just your money. I’ll help you prepare for the transition emotionally as well as financially and identify how you’ll live your life going forward.

Click here to use our quick and easy retirement planning tool. This easy to follow short quiz will show you where you are at with your retirement plans.

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How Emily can help

Retirement lifestyle planning

Identify the kind of retirement you want and ensure your retirement income supports your plans.

Cash flow planning

Make it easier to visualise and achieve your life goals with the help of sophisticated cash flow forecasting technology.

Ethical investing

Make values-based decisions about where your pension is invested and make a positive impact while you build for the future.

Pension planning

How much should you be saving and are your current pension plans up to the job? I’ll provide answers to your questions.

Estate planning

Make sure those you care about will be financially provided for at the time of your death and that your wishes are honoured.

Tax planning

Explore all the legitimate opportunities to reduce your tax burden including the Inheritance Tax bill passed to your loved ones.

Client's stories

See below testimonials from my clients

“Emily has acted in a truly professional manner, and she took such care and diligence as if the pension were her own. I feel like my financial affairs are in very safe hands.”
C Bavister
“Emily was professional in every manner, appointments were arranged around my busy schedule which was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Emily.”
A Bodman
“Emily made deciding on the investments I wanted to make for my pension easier than I had thought it would be. She explained everything well and I was delighted to learn I could invest exclusively in sustainable and ethical funds, which for me seemed the obvious way forward in today's world.”
K Cameron
“Brilliant service. Given lots of time to think about things and ask questions and have met in 4 different ways: phone, video call, in Emily’s office and at our home.”
N Fountain
“Emily set everything up for me & was very professional in her approach & understanding.”
A Nevzat
“A very positive experience, she was clear and thorough”
L Gratton
“Emily was super helpful. I am so relieved that I am now back in control and hope to retire just as soon as I can.”
N Warner
“Emily was very helpful, she provided me with lots of information, very clearly, concisely and easy to understand. Her advice was invaluable to me and will change my life. ”
F Johnston
“Very professional with a friendly manner”
P Simpkins
“Emily was very thorough. We talked about everything from JISA's for our kids, to commercial properties and pensions. She also gave us a very detailed plan so we can move forward. We're very happy with her service.”
L McInnes
“Very efficient and provided useful recommendations in the timeframe I needed to work to.”
P Marco
“Emily was very knowledgeable & offered great advice”
H Nevzat
“Emily is friendly and makes the pension process easier to understand”
N Whiteside
“We weren't sure if we needed a financial adviser until Emily's first appointment with us. Now I see why she is highly recommended, her knowledge is evident in everything she says in a down-to-earth non-evasive manner.”
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