Investing for children / grandchildren

Find out how you can give your children and grandchildren a boost when they most need it.

You may be...

Looking to the future.

Whether it’s to pay for education, get a foot on the property ladder or get married, it’s great to be able to help children and grandchildren get ahead. If you want to use your wealth for the benefit of the younger generations of your family, I’ll help you build an investment plan that balances your values and your hopes for your family’s future.


It’s easy to become lost when faced with the vast array of investment options that now exist. I’ll guide you through and build and manage a suitable portfolio of investments that will contribute to a brighter future for generations to come.

Looking for a second opinion

For those who take a more “hands-on” approach to investing, I can provide an experienced eye over the financial plans you’re making.

How Emily can help

Ethical investing

Advice on Junior Stocks and Share ISAs and other investment vehicles that could be right for you and your loved ones.

Estate planning

Investing for children and grandchildren can provide benefits to your Inheritance Tax liability. I’ll help you realise potential gains.

Financial planning

An opportunity to identify what you want your children’s future to look like and how you can position your money to help them obtain it.

Client's stories

See below testimonials from my clients

“Emily has acted in a truly professional manner, and she took such care and diligence as if the pension were her own. I feel like my financial affairs are in very safe hands.”
C Bavister
“Emily was professional in every manner, appointments were arranged around my busy schedule which was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Emily.”
A Bodman
“Emily made deciding on the investments I wanted to make for my pension easier than I had thought it would be. She explained everything well and I was delighted to learn I could invest exclusively in sustainable and ethical funds, which for me seemed the obvious way forward in today's world.”
K Cameron
“Brilliant service. Given lots of time to think about things and ask questions and have met in 4 different ways: phone, video call, in Emily’s office and at our home.”
N Fountain
“Emily set everything up for me & was very professional in her approach & understanding.”
A Nevzat
“A very positive experience, she was clear and thorough”
L Gratton
“Emily was super helpful. I am so relieved that I am now back in control and hope to retire just as soon as I can.”
N Warner
“Emily was very helpful, she provided me with lots of information, very clearly, concisely and easy to understand. Her advice was invaluable to me and will change my life. ”
F Johnston
“Very professional with a friendly manner”
P Simpkins
“Emily was very thorough. We talked about everything from JISA's for our kids, to commercial properties and pensions. She also gave us a very detailed plan so we can move forward. We're very happy with her service.”
L McInnes
“Very efficient and provided useful recommendations in the timeframe I needed to work to.”
P Marco
“Emily was very knowledgeable & offered great advice”
H Nevzat
“Emily is friendly and makes the pension process easier to understand”
N Whiteside
“We weren't sure if we needed a financial adviser until Emily's first appointment with us. Now I see why she is highly recommended, her knowledge is evident in everything she says in a down-to-earth non-evasive manner.”
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