Why Happy Planet?

At Happy Planet Financial Planning I help people to build better futures, both for themselves and the planet.

The Happy Planet Approach

When building your financial plan, I will ensure your values and concerns are fully understood – be they local or global, ethical or environmental.

Due to the imperfect world we live in, sometimes it is not possible to entirely reflect everything on your idyllic financial wish list. I will help you prioritise your various objectives such as:

  • Alignment with values
  • Portfolio diversification for optimal performance
  • Required returns
  • Cost

My recommendation will ultimately be led by what you want to achieve. I want you to feel that your money has purpose, for your own long term future and that of people and planet.

Financial planning

Together we discuss and agree on your immediate needs, long-term goals and hopes for the future.

Whether you are still at the wealth building stage of your life, you need to fund your children’s education, or start a new chapter in your life after redundancy, retirement, divorce or bereavement, I’ll help you see a clear path to your future life.

I start by getting to know you, what drives you and what keeps you awake at night. Then I set about aligning your vision for the future with what is financially possible – creating a plan that you can feel good about and which takes you to where you want to be.

Cashflow planning

Cashflow planning is an integral part of the financial planning process, but it can also be done as a stand-alone activity at any point in your life.

Cashflow planning helps answer questions such as: do I have enough money to move house, privately educate my children, change my work-life balance, retire early or start a new business venture?

With the help of sophisticated software, you’ll also be able to view the likely shape of your wealth in the future, helping you plan for the long term and avoid scenarios that could risk your financial comfort and security.

What is Cashflow Planning

Ethical and sustainable investing

Investment decisions made today build the world of tomorrow. By taking values-based decisions about where your money is invested, you can help to put a stop to practices that you are opposed to.

My purpose is to help people “invest with intention” with a range of portfolios that give you the ultimate choice over which funds benefit from your investment. This is now even more possible, given the ever-growing choice of ethical, sustainable, thematic and impact funds available. I can help you forge a clear path through the noise of “greenwash” finding a strategy that suits you. And no, having principles doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your returns.

Happy Planet is delighted to support the climate charity initiative The Global Returns Project and is always happy to discuss philanthropy with clients no matter the value. We are firm believers in the the power of the collective – every pound helps!

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Estate planning

None of us know what is around the corner but by building an estate plan, we are at least able to ensure that those we care about are looked after in the event of death. I can also make sure you have the legal documentation in place to allow others to make important decisions on your behalf, should you no longer have mental capacity, thus sparing your loved ones the emotional and financial stress of a legal process.

Through my linked business, Middle Path Estate Planning, I offer the following services:

  • Will writing – including trusts where necessary
  • Lasting powers of attorney – so your lifetime interests are looked after in event of a loss of mental capacity.
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Please note: Wills and Inheritance Tax are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Financial decisions that have an impact

Making small changes to the way you spend and invest your money could have a far bigger impact than you realise.

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